Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training


Jews for Jesus offers bar and bat mitzvah study to Jewish teens.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training

Jews for Jesus provides bar & bat mitzvah training for Jewish, intermarried/interfaith and messianic teens.

We offer one-on-one tutoring, either in person or via Skype with a knowledgeable Jews for Jesus staff member. Training includes basic Hebrew, ceremonial liturgy, parsha chanting, and drash or speech preparation. During these personalized sessions, our staff member also addresses basic public speaking tactics, how to handle nervousness, and the symbolism and importance of this rite of passage. Scriptures studies in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are also included.

Typically, boys will become bar mitzvah after the age of 13, and girls after the age of 12. Preparation for the ceremony takes between 9-18 months.

If you are interested in pursuing a bar or bat mitzvah for your child, please contact our Children and Youth Coordinator, Rebekah Rood at [email protected] for further information.