Are Your Assumptions Limiting You?

Jews for Jesus staff members.

We’re all born with the ability to infer. We make assumptions based on our instincts and life experiences. It’s normal, and it’s a skill that can equip us. It can also severely limit us.

When we meet new people, we’ve often assumed a lot before we’ve even shaken their hand. Sometimes all it takes is the mention of a political party or religion, seeing the clothes they wear or hearing the way they order their coffee. And just like that, we’ve taken a morsel of information and constructed an entire identity. We’re convinced we know them.

The danger is this: We get to know a lot less people when we allow our inner monologue to drown out what others are actually saying.

In truth, it takes great courage and patience to sincerely get to know somebody. You have to be willing to be proven wrong.

With a name like Jews for Jesus, we’re certainly no stranger to people’s assumptions. It’s understandable that our identity elicits questions or confusion. But many think they already know about our beliefs, our observance, our heritage—even our character—before they’ve actually met us.

Our hope is to cut through the cloud of preconceptions, meet new people, and talk—true, respectful communication.

So what are you waiting for? We’d love to introduce ourselves.

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