Heartbreaking Prayer Requests and Community Service

Missionary Trainee Eryn Black talks about the Messiah at our prayer station in Herald Square this week.Missionary Eryn Black discusses the Messiah at our prayer station in Herald Square.


On Tuesday, July 1st, the Jews for Jesus Outreach team hit the streets of New York, ready to share the Gospel and bless our neighbors. One team gave away iced coffee in Herald Square. Across the street, another team set up a prayer wall where people could hang prayer requests or even receive prayer from our team members. Our goal was to simply share the love of Messiah with the residents of NYC through generosity and compassion. At the coffee station, we were able to give away 225 cups in just 45 minutes; a line formed as soon as we set up the table. Around the prayer station, we handed out cards with a simple message and a phone number (347.201.2068), welcoming prayer requests via text. We also brought people over to our table, where they could write their prayer request on a paper tag, pin it to our wall, and receive prayer immediately from the team. Some tags voiced a simple request: “Pray for peace.” Others subtly heartbreaking: “That Helen would come back.”


Paper tags hang with prayer requests on the prayer wall in Herald Square this week.

Paper tags covered in prayer requests hang in Herald Square.


Missionary trainee Eryn Black was able to invite several people to hang their prayer request on the wall. He even had the opportunity to pray with a Gentile believer named Jackie. “I saw this lady walking by our table, eyeing it a little suspiciously. I came up to her and said, ‘Hi, could I pray for you today? I’m with Jews for Jesus.’ As soon as I said that, her look softened. ‘Oh, Jews for Jesus,’ she said. ‘Yes, I would love some prayer. I’m a Christian, and I’m teaching vacation Bible school this summer, but I think I broke a bone in my foot and I don’t have healthcare.’ After we finished praying, she had to hurry off to whatever appointment I had delayed her from attending. But before she left, she smiled and told me that she was so thankful that we were out, offering to pray with people who might not have even known they needed prayer.”


Jews for Jesus works to clean up Riverside Park on the Upper West Side by weeding, sweeping, and removing trash.

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On Wednesday, July 2nd, our Outreach team went to Riverside Park, on the Upper West Side, to help pick up trash, pull weeds, and rehabilitate a section of the park. The team was hard at work for several hours, joyfully serving the city in 95-degree heat. Freddie, our contact in the park’s maintenance department, expressed his gratefulness at our willingness to serve. “Getting this area clear was weighing heavily on me, because of all the other things I have to do,” he told us. “Thank you guys. I really couldn’t have done this without you. Please, come back anytime.” Our team asked him if he had any needs we could pray for; he thought for a moment and replied, “Yeah, absolutely. It’s not so much for me, but for my wife, Nydia. She’s a cancer survivor, so could you guys pray that she would stay healthy?” There, in the middle of the park, we all stood in a circle around Freddie and prayed to our Messiah for his wife. One of our team leaders, Sarah Ascher, had this to say about the service project: “I think it was really successful. Not only were we able to bless the city by cleaning up the park, but we were able to bless and pray for Freddie. It was great to just gather around him and pray for him and his wife.”

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